Farmers® Motorcycle Insurance

Farmers® Motorcycle Insurance

How do you enjoy your motorcycle? You might be a weekend warrior who cruises up the coast on sunny afternoons. Maybe you use your bike to navigate a traffic-clogged commute. Or you may take it on long journeys — experiencing the open road and an ever-changing landscape.

However and wherever you ride, you know a motorcycle has unique risks. Your Farmers® agent understands — and can show you customizable coverage options that help with risks like these:

You Lose Personal Property


At a stop on a cross-country trip, you notice your saddlebag’s straps have come undone. Your phone, first-aid kit and heavy-duty rain poncho are gone — probably lying somewhere on the side of a highway.


Elite coverage can help with the cost of replacing personal property when it’s lost, stolen or damaged in an accident.

You Put Your Bike Down


You misjudge a turn on at a rural intersection and put the bike down. You escape with a few cuts and bruises, but repairs will cost more than your motorcycle is worth.


Elite and Plus packages can help if your bike is a total loss. Elite coverage provides current market value for a motorcycle that’s less than five years old — Plus coverage lasts until a bike is two years old.

You Damage Your Helmet


After lunch at your usual spot, you’re walking to the parking lot when you lose your grip on a helmet you’re carrying — it hits the pavement.


ElitePlus and Saver packages can help pay for damage to safety apparel like your helmet — you can select the amount of coverage that’s right for you.

Choose from three Motorcycle Choice packages

Every motorcycle policy from Farmers can include three types of coverage:

  • Liability coverage can help if you’re legally responsible for an accident that causes damage or injuries.
  • Collision coverage can help with the costs of repairing damage to your motorcycle if you hit another vehicle or fixed object.
  • Other than collision coverage can help with a loss caused by something other than an accident — for instance theft, vandalism, hail or collisions with animals.

Saver Package

  • $500 safety apparel coverage
  • First accident forgiveness
  • Available optional equipment coverage
  • Available towing and roadside assistance coverage

Plus Package

  • $1,500 safety apparel coverage
  • $3,500 optional equipment coverage
  • Total loss settlement for two years based on the value of a new motorcycle
  • Trip interruption and track day coverage
  • Reasonable and necessary expenses for towing and roadside assistance

Elite Package

  • $2,500 safety apparel coverage
  • $5,000 optional equipment coverage at replacement cost
  • $2,000 personal effects coverage at replacement cost
  • Total loss settlement for five years based on the value of a new morotcycle
  • Enhanced rental coverage
  • Diminishing deductible
  • Diminishing waiver
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